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About the team

Founders, motives and history

The four founders of IT Frankfurt (Horst Gaussmann, Christian Männchen, Peter Nobbe and Karsten Schumann) first met working on a project in 2004. They soon discovered that they wanted to work together in the future. So, the idea of founding their own company was born, which became reality two years later. The common goal was set, the team was in place anyway, now all that was missing was a suitable name. They agreed that it should be catchy and easy to remember. They also wanted a reference to the location, “something like ‘AirBerlin’, for example,” as someone said during the brainstorming session. The proposed name initially caused a humorous response but was then unanimously accepted and has graced our company ever since: IT Frankfurt. What started 15 years ago with four men, counts 80+ permanent employees in 2021 and the end is far from being reached. As an owner-managed company, we aim to register a steady company growth and continue to be as successful as in the past years. Our next milestone: 100 regular staff members and an annual turnover of 15 million euros.

  1. Founding

  2. Expansion to include the "Customer Business Solutions" business unit

  3. Addition of trainings & coachings to the service portfolio

  4. Relocation from Bergen-Enkheim to Bockenheim

  5. Extension of "Customer Business Solutions" to investment banking

  6. Launch of our investment banking platform

  7. For the first time, 5 MEUR annual turnover and over 20 permanent employees

  8. Strategic partnership with Amadeus Germany

  9. 10 years ITF! Spin-off of the BASIX business unit to Synfaction GmbH

  10. Growth in the number of employees to around 50 permanent employees

  11. Strategic partnership CSP with Commerzbank AG

  12. Site expansion & sales increase to over 10 MEUR for the first time

  13. Major project migration Commerzbank EMC to Société Générale & over 80 permanent employees

  14. Strategic partnership with state bank Baden-Württemberg

A winning team

Our definition of team spirit is to rely on each other at work, pursue a common goal and join forces – only a strong team can work together in a collaborative and purposeful way. This approach can’t be simply conveyed overnight, which is why we at IT Frankfurt are constantly working on having a good team structure in place and offer our colleagues numerous opportunities to get to know each other a bit better outside the workplace. This is all about having fun, which is why we organize exceptional events every month. Whether lasertag, room escape, a historical tour of Frankfurt or a summer party at the beach club – our back office team never ceases to surprise us with new ideas.

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