Our focus industries

Banks & financial services

Since IT Frankfurt’s founding in 2006, our branch focus has been crystallizing in the banking environment. Being based in the financial hub Frankfurt, we are predestined to provide our IT know-how specifically for banks and financial services and are deeply rooted in the industry through numerous projects. We can now proudly say that we not only understand the IT market, but also the banking side - from the special requirements of the financial industry to regulatory issues and the need for digitalization. In recent years we provided targeted support to banks, investment banks and other financial service providers to help implement their technical innovations by developing innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Tourism & transport

With tourism and transport, IT Frankfurt can offer an additional industry focus. Extensive projects for a large variety of customers in this field have resulted in a strong track-record that includes both European regulations and knowledge of industry-specific standards. Our comprehensive insight into the industry, combined with our technical know-how, has for many years formed the ideal basis for cutting-edge software.

Other industries

Software is often to be viewed industries-independently, which is why IT Frankfurt not only develops domain-specific software, but also selects projects in particular with regard to innovation potential, future viability and the longevity of the solution. IT security, cloud architecture, digitalization and artificial intelligence are technology trends that are highly relevant for all industries and are therefore managed by IT Frankfurt detached from the specific context.

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