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The career model at IT Frankfurt is transparent: every employee has the same career opportunities. The career levels described below provide an overview of entry opportunities as well as promotion opportunities at IT Frankfurt. The envisaged duration of the respective level should be seen as a guideline. Well-timed promotions are one of the reasons why our teams are so stable.

Our trainees have completed their bachelor’s or master’s degree and gained first practical experience. We recruit trainees whose aim it is to systematically develop. For this reason, they are accompanied by a mentor and in addition also participate in an internal refinement right from the start. In addition to the main goal, professional practice-oriented tech-skill development, there is the opportunity to take part in external soft-skill training programs later in the 3-6 month probationary period.

Junior consultants have already gained programming experience in at least one relevant technology stack during their studies or as part of vocational training or have worked as junior developers for some time (less than 2 years). In most cases they can directly join the customer project and actively participate in it. They usually expand their technical skill set on the job. A (short) refinement is only necessary in some cases. Usually, the junior consultant executes less complex tasks compared to the rest of the team. The performance of the task is mostly guided, and the work results are checked by an experienced staff member. The focus at this level is on expanding expertise and its practical use as well as personal commitment to the project. The project experience gained in this way supports personal development. A certain degree of communication skills is also required.

Consultants have approximately 2 years of relevant work experience. They navigate project assignments effortlessly and independently. Consultants can work productively on their own, but also know when they need help in order to achieve the set goals. Their work approach is thoughtful and efficient and they constantly expand their communication- and presentation techniques in order to establish themselves as a visible and respected staff member when handling a customer project. With regard to technical knowhow, they can correctly assess their level of knowledge and have developed an awareness of what they don’t know yet and where there is still a need for development. The focus at this level is on consolidating technical expertise, soft skills and how they appear in the project environment. Furthermore, consultants are committed and motivated to constantly professionalize their approach to work in order to achieve their work results with pragmatism and efficiency.

The leads are experienced ITF employees, often with many years of experience, who take on management tasks in addition to the project business. This includes the disciplinary management of working students and junior consultants. Further tasks include conducting feedback and annual meetings with those juniors, planning their capacity, preparing references, agreeing on salaries and planning individual training measures. The leads are the contact of choice for all kinds of questions, they offer support in all matters and act as supervisors and role models. On a professional level, the important qualities include good organisational skills, a high degree of coordination and communication skills as well as a good technical background in order to enable a corresponding transfer of knowledge. On an interpersonal level, a strong sense of empathy and responsibility are necessary. Encouraging, challenging and developing juniors into experienced consultants is essential. Adopting the leading role is possible for employees at the career level of a consultant and above, who would like to contribute outside of their own project context and take on personnel responsibility.

Senior Consultants have many years of consultancy experience and act with competence and confidence in the project environment both in terms of content and communication. They have developed a professional methodology, are able to deliver a functioning product within the specified deadlines and are a contact point or contact person for junior colleagues. In addition to the technical activities, senior consultants expand their networks and take on primary sales activities. The focus at this level is on professionalizing the presence in the project environment, presenting work content convincingly, managing decision-making processes, networking and expanding specialist or industry sector knowledge and seizing sales opportunities.

Employees at the Principal level are part of ITF’s senior management. They are the main contact for the customers and represent our company to a very high degree, both externally and in-house. The Principal career level complements the excellent and demonstrably successful many years of work at the Senior level with tactical and strategic decision-making and management skills. The work content is based on the focus as an engineer, consultant or project manager. Principals typically lead and coordinate several projects and project teams simultaneously. Due to their wealth of experience, they have a very deep and comprehensive body of knowledge. Their personality is characterized by strong communication skills as well as smart and strategically oriented thinking. The management of a competence center, as well as the disciplinary management of staff, can be assigned to a principal. The focus at this level is on representing ITF as a leader, key accounting, sales activities as well as the strategic development of ITF.

Selected employees with great experience in a certain core area and valuable customer relationships on a considerable scale become partners. In this function, technical expertise takes second place, because strategic partners who are valuable for IT Frankfurt convince primarily through their strong business network. A partner is responsible for the organisation and economy of a business unit or the development of a new segment. In addition to sales aspects and key accounting, the main tasks include helping to shape the strategic and conceptual direction of the company in close coordination with the management as well as deriving and independently implementing suitable and targeted measures to successfully advance the area of responsibility. Employees at this career level are particularly distinguished by their high level of initiative, commitment and sense of responsibility, their organisational skills, their strong business network and their expertise in a specific core area. Stress resistance and resilience are also among the important qualities for this role, as well as perseverance, assertiveness and negotiating skills. In addition, they are qualified by their self-confident and engaging appearance as well as by representing their own business visions.

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Further training is important – for you and therefore also for us:

We support our employees in continuing their education. A brief overview of the opportunities:

  • Annual participation in professional conferences (e.g. JAX, Devoxx, BASTA!)
  • Continuous participation in external training events: technical content, soft skills, working methods, certifications (e. g . Microsoft, Oracle etc.)
  • Participation in regular internal training events (Brown-bag sessions, technology cafés, English language courses)
  • (Online) access to specialist journals and self-learning platforms (e. g. Pluralsight)
  • Individual training program (Refinement) for young professionals accompanied by an experienced mentor

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