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Award-winning excellence. In 2018 we applied to participate in the Great Place To Work initiative and received awards as “Best Employer” in three categories. Our employee feedback at Kununu is currently at 4.6 out of a possible 5.0 stars (as of 1.3.2021). This makes us happy and also a little proud. Of course, we’ll continue to work on the missing 0.4 stars.


Valid reasons for ITF

We have a clear stance on what promising, long-lasting software solutions should look like and our 15 years of market success have proven us right. In addition to agile methodology and the latest technology, the key to our success is the structure of our teams. At ITF the values, attitudes and goals that we share are not only written down, we also put them into practice. This is the reason for the excellent cooperation of our teams. Our flexible salary and working time models, clearly defined career opportunities and the attractive work environment contribute to the high degree of employee satisfaction and the corresponding low fluctuation rates.


Respectful interaction, constructive feedback, short communication channels and the bundling of different strengths – these are the aspects that define our successful team and our strong team spirit.


We are all different and that is a good thing. What we have in common however, is the mindset. We are connected by motivation, personal development and the high-quality standards of our work.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge among each other and with our customers. Secure transfer of knowledge and reliable communication form the basis for outstanding performance and long-term solutions.

Work life balance

Work and private life should always be compatible. We therefore use a flextime account as a fair compensation for overtime. We also offer flexible working time models in order to offer our employees a tailor-made career option, taking into account different life situations.

Dynamic salary model

Depending on their professional experience and company affiliation, we offer a dynamic salary model that enables employees to precisely coordinate their workload and target salary. The attainability of the defined goals has top priority.

Handling mistakes

Mistakes happen. They are not swept under the carpet but will be openly addressed and jointly reviewed. This is the only way for the company to learn and grow.

Advanced training

We are all constantly improving our skills. In addition to daily knowledge building through project activities, we offer individual development through brown bag sessions, seminars, trainings, participation in technology conferences and our e-learning platform.

Acting with foresight

We prioritise long-term cooperation over short-term success, which applies to both in-house cooperation as well as customer retention.

Rhine-Main-Area as a base

At IT Frankfurt, “Frankfurt” is not only part of the name, but also represents a clear commitment to the location. The majority of our project work centers around Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area. Therefore, our travelling activities are limited to a minimum.

We offer

Workplace equipment

A modern company requires modern workplace equipment for everyone! In addition to a laptop, all employees are equipped with two 25-inch monitors, a mouse and a keyboard of their choice. Furthermore, everyone is provided with a height-adjustable table and an ergonomic chair.

We offer

Company phone

Today’s consultants have never been more mobile. Mobility comes with accessibility. And accessibility comes with the latest smartphone that every employee can choose before starting work and which is replaced every two years.

We offer

Massage chair

Who has not experienced the feeling of stiffness and tension at work, longing for a therapeutic massage afterwards? At ITF, you don’t have to wait for the end of the working day to relax. Our massage chair as well as some corresponding relaxation music are available to provide some recreation even to the stiffest back. Of course, this service is free of charge and available at any time.

We offer

Company pension scheme

Tomorrow is almost as important as the here and now. That is why IT Frankfurt also cares about the future of their employees to make sure that no one is left behind in old age. Our company pension scheme is a contribution to the security of all employees in retirement.

We offer

Health offer

Our employees’ health means a lot to us, which is why we ensure that a daily supply of vitamins and water is available - free fruit and drinks all day. We also support the employees in their sports routine through a cooperation with the nearby gym. When selecting our office furnishings, we take the long-term health of our employees into considertion by opting for ergonomic equipment.

We offer

Company shower

For a little more work-life balance, we have set up a company shower with towels, bodywash, etc. Thus, whether it is a visit to the nearby gym during the lunch break, jogging or cycling, the opportunity is there to work refreshed and energized.

We offer

Corporate card

We would like to support our employees in fulfilling those wishes that are not taken into account in everyday life. Therefore, we transfer a certain amount of money monthly into a credit card account, available to all employees in addition to their net salary. In this way even the smallest wishes can be fulfilled.

We offer

Team events

Team spirit is one of the guiding values that IT Frankfurt puts into practice. That’s why we have an event team that comes up with exciting, special events every month and all employees are invited to participate. Whether go-carting, the climbing park, scavenger hunt, lasertag or hiking tours - we’ve done it all and always come up with new and unusual ideas.

We offer

Further development

The world keeps turning, technologies are becoming more innovative and it is an important requirement for us to continuously develop. In addition to our Brown-bag sessions, where employees share information about the latest technologies, we also offer an e-learning platform to stay up to date. We attend conferences such as Jax and Devoxx every year and invest in external seminars and training courses.

We offer

Flexible mobility

Flexibility regarding the way we get to work means for us taking the needs of our employees into consideration. For those who go to work by car, we provide a parking space. Those who prefer public transport are provided with a ticket allowance. We are especially proud to have a partnership that enables us to lease e-bikes. This is not only the most environmentally friendly option, but also an opportunity for some athletic activity.

We offer

Mobile working

In order to add flexibility and a good work-life balance, we offer our employees a fair arrangement for mobile work. The equipment as well as access to our infrastructure are easily suitable for mobile use.

We offer

Regional projects

IT Frankfurt has been supporting software projects in the Frankfurt area for more than 15 years. When it comes to the selection of projects, regionality plays a major role because an important element of work-life-balance is being back home in the evening.

You will fit in well, if …

… you can provide solutions before others have recognized the problem.

Kevin Baxmann

… you apply your own high standards to the quality of your work.

Karsten Schumann

Managing Director Professional Services
… you care about software quality.

Simon Blume

Senior Consultant
… you like to try out new technologies and share the knowledge you gained with the team.

Jan Herrmann

Student Trainee
… you have fun doing well.

Peter Nobbe

Managing Director Business Services
… you face new challenges with confidence and responsibility.

Svenja Preiß

HR Specialist
… you want to paticipate in shaping our customer projects and the company with openness, commitment and responsibility.

Hendrik Wiechula

Leading Senior Consultant
… you have an agile mindset and strive for continuous improvement.

Laura Alles

Recruitment & Marketing Communication Specialist
… you want to work in an agile team where it is ok to make mistakes.

Oliver Albert

Leading Senior Project Manager
… you enjoy working in a frank and open-minded team.

Seghen Gebreyosus

Junior Financial Controller
… you both value freedom and handle responsibility at the same time.

Jaromir Hartusch

Leading Senior Consultant
… “developing” means more to you than building software.

Kornelia Dusic

Financial Accounting

Social commitment

We are committed to be fair to all our employees. We realise this approach even before new employees are hired: in the application process. All applications are evaluated impartially and irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, religious beliefs etc. and solely based on qualifications, motivation and mindset. We stand for general equality, which is evident both in the recruitment process regarding equal pay and equal opportunities, as well as in the way we work together later.

Incidentally, hiring new employees generally reflects a very pleasant business situation. And we are of the opinion that when things are going well for us, others should benefit from this too. For this reason - among others - IT Frankfurt takes on an SOS-Kinderdorf sponsorship for every new team member.

In addition, we support local sports clubs and social organizations with both monetary and in kind donations. We donate functional office equipment to social institutions as well as various office materials to nursery schools and take leftover food from ITF events to the Bahnhofsmission. Our social commitment is also reflected in the Christmas greeting that our customers receive every year. Since 2016 we have annually been purchasing more than 150 annual tickets from Aktion Mensch. This is to support meaningful projects and maybe one of our customers will even hit the jackpot.

Environmental responsibility

We are all responsible for the world we live in. This responsibility begins on the way to work. We have tested numerous ways at IT Frankfurt to reduce our environmental impact and protect our environment together in connection with our work. The phrase “on the way to work” is at the top of our list, which is why we encourage our employees to lease e-bikes. Apart from helping to lower CO2 emissions this is also good for health and fitness. Furthermore, our CO2 footprint is very small in comparison with other consultancy services, since we make a conscious effort to avoid long-distance travel as well as other travel activities outside the Rhine-Main-Area. Instead, we meet our customers online or in the region. If business travel is necessary, we opt for a ticket from the green-powered railway.

We always prioritize a responsible approach to the environment in other areas of our day-to-day work as well. For example by ordering drinking water in glass bottles from local manufacturers, avoiding unnecessary consumption of plastics and long transport routes and consolidating the cooperation with regional suppliers. We pay attention to the sustainability of shipping and packaging materials. We encourage our employees to separate waste and use paper responsibly, and we donate excess food after events instead of disposing of it. We use recycled materials as much as possible, use time or motion-controlled LED lighting and purchase green electricity. In addition, we support a regional and a global environmental organization with financial contributions on a regular basis.

As the reduction of the ecological footprint is a long-term process that we are continuously aiming to reach, we look forward to constructive ideas and a mutual exchange on the topic from our customers and employees.

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