We are constantly growing and are always looking for motivated employees.

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Application process

In order to get to know you and to offer you a comprehensive insight into IT Frankfurt, our application process usually comprises two face-to-face meetings. You will meet at least two of our managing directors and you will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with a potential future colleague.

The HR department and the specialist department each view your complete application documents (cover letter, CV, certificates). In case we require further information, you will be contacted by telephone. Your application will be evaluated impartially and irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious beliefs, etc. What matters for us are qualifications, suitability, motivation, attitude and a mindset that fits ITF. For every application we check if there are any vacancies and, if necessary, discuss with the departments if it is possible to create a suitable position.

Once we have received your application, you will receive an acknowledgement via e-mail within 24 hours. You will then receive a response within 5 days, either the invitation to an interview or a rejection.

During your first interview you will meet one of the managing directors and an HR representative. It goes without saying that interviews at ITF are characterised by mutual respect and appreciation. The interview is scheduled to last 60 minutes but may last longer depending on the course the conversation takes. The interview is over when everything has been discussed and there are no more questions from either side.

If you forgot to ask a relevant question during the interview, you will be provided with contact details enabling you to get a straightforward response afterwards.

You can expect our feedback on the first interview after three working days at the latest. If the interview went well for you and you can imagine working for ITF, a second interview will take place.

This is where you will meet another managing director and HR representative as well as a potential colleague. The conversation with the team member takes place separately from the conversation with the managing director and HR. This exchange gives you the opportunity to get a clear insight into the work at ITF by means of a project example and you can ask all the questions you may have. After the conversation, a team member will show you our premises and you will have the opportunity to briefly meet your future colleagues.

The decision to work together is always a joint decision. On the one hand by ITF, because each of your conversation partners’ assessment is weighted equally here – whether they are management, a team member or HR. On the other hand by you, since you also need to be prepared to enter into a long-term employment relationship based on trust with a positive attitude.

It will take us no longer than three working days after the second interview to decide whether we consider you as a suitable team member.

We are happy to welcome you as part of the ITF team and have already prepared everything for a great first day at work. Your new colleagues have been informed, the necessary passwords are already waiting in your mailbox, your workplace is equipped with the right technology and your mentor will meet you for a tour and lunch with the new colleagues.

Now all that remains to be said is: “To a good and long-term cooperation!”

Depending on the complexity of the position to be filled, the application process can vary from time to time.

Grafik vom Bewerbungsprozess bei der IT Frankfurt